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Body Scrub Treatment

Asian Style Exfoliating Full Body Scrub

Korean Body Scrub Therapy

This is an Asian-style exfoliating full-body scrub that removes the toughest grime and city toxins from your body.

Reap the benefits of a Korean body scrub while relaxing in full spa style. Often considered as one of the best body scrub treatments by spa veterans, our Korean body scrub begins in the spa–body scrub style.

Before the actual Body Scrub Treatment begins, our spa-goers enjoy our therapeutic steam sauna to soften and prepare the skin for the exfoliating body scrub.

Following the style of all Korean spa body scrubs, a traditional mitt towel is used to exfoliate the skin.

In this vigorous, full-body exfoliation therapy, the therapist scrubs and splashes warm water simultaneously on your body.


  • Korean Body Scrub Treatment
    Korean Body Scrub Treatment
  • 30 min body scrub $60
  • Body Scrub & Massage $100

    30 min Body Scrub
    30 min Massage

  • Combination of body scrub $130

    30 min body scrub
    30 min steam room
    30 min massage

  • Men’s Sport spa $100

    Includes: tradition pedicures, manicure and 30 min reflexology foot massage

  • Regular Table Shower
  • $20